Primus, Why me?
Hello, my designation is Thundercracker. I was formerly Wing Third for the Command Trine of the Decepticons, though now I am a noncombatant seeking shelter from the Autobots. It's a pleasure to meet you.

(an independant Thundercracker rp blog. TC ficlets may still be requested :) )

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Previously ended M!A: SG Week

narcissistic-sociopath said: *FRAGYEAH I’M SEXY*

//Too bad you’re taken and would never actually see an organic in any romantic form.

Besides who says I wasn’t being literal >.>

smoothgetaway whispered: 3 4 8 9 12 21 31 43


3: Do you smoke?

Nope. Never will. Never want to.

4: Do you drink?

Ehhhh, I’ve had a few, but I have such a low alcohol tolerance, it’s smarter that I don’t.

8: Want any tattoos?

Well, I WANT one. I want a sister tattoo with all of my sisters’ names or something. But I’m such a wimp when it comes to pain and I HATE needles, it’ll probably never happen.

9: Got any piercings?

My ears used to be pierced. I have to get them repierced. I miss earings.

12: Relationship status

Single. Not really looking for much of a relationship. Especially where I’m living at the moment.

21: What I love most about myself

Can it be a body part? Because I love my eyes. They’re a light brown with a green ring on the outside.

31: What your last text message says

My dad: ‘What’s your address, sweetpea?’

This was a weird message for me. I’ve never been called sweetpea. That was always my sister. I was pumpkin. So I just answered XD

43: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately

Robots totally count as people! Sunstreaker.

//I’m sorry, friends ;a; I am a fail lately at getting online. My mom’s in town, I may be getting a promotion at work and we’re finally FINALLY getting my house unpacked and put together. Stress and time being eaten up is getting to me so I may be absent. And now I’m off to work again, but I shall be back tonight and will get answers to the meme out for you all :D Please feel free to keep sending numbers though I’m not here!

<3 loves.


stutter-wings whispered: ::Thundercracker. I need to talk to you. About... some aspects of Vosian culture.:: Moments of silence. ::Please?:: His voice turned several degrees weaker and way more vulnerable at that.

::Stormfront!:: Thundercracker sounded happy to hear from the younger seeker. He hadn’t heard news of him in a while and had been getting worried. Then Stormfront’s voice faded a bit. ::….. What’s wrong?::

Wanna be nosy. . . here's your chance
wily-red-and-galeforce-gold whispered: Sides::: Just wanted you to know I love you and I'll be back soon. So stay out of trouble okay?:::

::Wait. Come again.::

//waaaaaaaaaaaah I can’t believe I missed you ;A; Have fun, hun, stay safe <3

primuswhyme whispered: So guess what. It's FIREWORKS NIGHT! Thundercracker held the box in his servos, kicking Sideswipe's door.





The door was opened (angrily if it were possible for a pneumatic, sliding door to sound angry) and there stood a rather annoyed teed off Sideswipe. “Why are you doing that? What do you want?”

"Ten local time." Thundercracker explained, tapping the tips of his pedes together as he drew random squiggles and swirls in the sand. Tink. Tink. Tink. Tink. Went his pedes. "… Want some energon gummies?"


Hey. It was fuel. You had to be an idiot to deny or refuse fuel when offered especially in war time.

So he took the offered treats and fell into silence again.

Just….scrutinizing the other.

What did he want from Sideswipe?

"….what time is it now then?"

"Mmmm…." Thundercracker checked his chronometer. "Nine forty four. Still gotta bit…." He popped three gummies in his mouth, wings flicking in impatience. "….. Think I should set up more fireworks? I didn’t wanna use them all at once, but…"

Anonymous whispered: Wrath

"Someone hurt reflector. Someone is going to pay.”

smoothgetaway whispered: W͢r͟ath̶, Prid̨e, Sl҉o̴t͢h, ̛E͢n̡v̸y

"You keep your fragging servos off my trine you slag sucking bottom feeder of an autobot!"

"Have you ever seen a more awesome paint job than mine~"

"Why won’t sideswipe hang out with meeeeeee…. Maybe I just gotta try harder."

"Think i covered this one."

warriorofhope whispered: Greed, envy, lust.

"Energon Gels? WHERE?!"

"Eh, there’s nothing  I can’t do if I put my processor to it! Though I do kinda wish I understood what Scree talks about when he gets going on chemical equations. Most of that is boring enough to stall my processors."

"Didn’t I already say pastel? But hey, being cool is a thing too."

predaconking whispered: Lust

"Pastel colors. They’re pretty cool looking. Not as cool as me, but yeah."